Caroline Myss, who I adore for her teaching, states in her audio ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, that managing our inner power is what we must master. I agree fully and completely.

This blog serves as my platform to share my insights, ideas, and perceived solutions to individual and collective problems. What you’ll find is what really inspires and excites me on my journey. This includes tools and mediums like sound, music, oils, nature, nutrition, and giving, plus understandings and methods such as epigenectics, neuroplasticity, biophtonics, and supramental consciousness.

I am also a learner, and would love to discover your thoughts, experiences, and insights.




Colin Hillstrom is making love manifest by following his passion for helping people access their full capacity as Divine Beings on Earth. Colin is a certified sound healer, recording artist, spiritual life coach, and author on personal transformation and sacred relationship.