Activating the 8th Chakra

THE 8TH CHAKRA: AWAKENING A NEW HUMANITY! This Friday evening’s Chakra Sound Bath at the ZenDen in Gastown will mark the premier of presenting sonically a new approach to opening and aligning all eight chakras via sound. The method was revealed to me in a meditation today after listening to a recorded workshop by Caroline Myss on her book ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT. Caroline speaks about the 8th chakra, which holds the blueprint for activating the next generation human who can LIVE EFFECTIVELY WITHIN A HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY while functioning simultaneously in the 3rd and 4th dimensional world. This parallels two teachings that I have been following for over a decade: Sri Aurobindo’s writings in THE FUTURE EVOLUTION OF MAN, and Tom Kenyon’s work with the Hathors on activating the Biophotonic Human. Applying sound as a rapid mind/body tool may provide an immediate perspective to the concerns of how we can evolve in the company of AI and automation, and how we co-create “a peaceful planet, without poverty, with pristine nature, and fully hi-tech,” to quote visionary and activist Dr. Stephen Greer.

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