Sound 10% Project

We are in the process of launching MOTHER’S VEGAN FOOD BANK SUPPLY. I spoke with community services in Whistler yesterday. There are so many hungry young people there, trying to make a living for themselves, and it’s tough (as it is for many people, everywhere). As the world is going through this rapid evolutionary phase, I will do what I can to help. Allocating 10% from all sound bath proceeds to donate high quality GF vegan protein shakes is a practical first step to love and nurture people who are suffering. We played a sound bath last night at Bear Paw Yoga in Whistler, an event that marks the launch of our first 10% sound project. What’s important to us is to reduce suffering in ways that also benefit the planet. A representative of the food bank said that many people are ashamed about their dietary restrictions. Because Whistler is food safety certified, they can repackage our bulk donations of GF vegan plant protein shakes into single servings for their patrons. As global population grows, so will demand for protein. It is a scientific fact that plants vs. animal¬†as a source of protein also reduces our ecological footprint. So this is a win/win for all! What’s more, I see a practical vision that can make the highest quality food free by donation for everyone. What’s driving this aside from “Seeing with Eyes of Love” is an understanding and the willingness to use an economic engine that generates an output that by far exceeds input. Alchemy in action! I would love comments, questions, and requests for info. Blessings… Colin

Can I bring crystals?

People ask whether it is alright to bring their own crystals to the sound bath for the purpose of having them cleansed and charged up by the sound vibrations. The answer is YES, YES, YES! You can bring crystals, pictures etc to have them cleansed and charged by the vibrations of platinum, white gold, 24 karat gold, kyanite, azeztulite, pink tourmaline, and others. You place them next to you, on you, or around the bowls where I play.

Make Love Manifest

Much of what I love about being self-employed is experiencing infinite possibilities that are inherent in the creative process. It’s like growing a field, a garden, or an orchard: You collaborate and you co-create, and you set intentions, involving not only your own mind, heart, and will, but also the mind, will, and heart of others.

Patience, perseverance, faith… You never know when what you intended is going to show up. In November of 2015 I arrived in Vancouver with 13 alchemy singing bowls. I had been away from Vancouver since 2009, when I moved to Canmore, AB. At that time, I thought I was finished with the coast. I could not imagine ever coming back. Then, while living in Banff, AB, we acquired the bowls, and they told me to move to Vancouver and start playing Chakra Sound Baths.

Now, I am also a holistic business coach, and that part in me began to think about how to make love manifest. Intuition told me that yoga studios were the right venue for sound baths, but it wasn’t happening: I reached out to studios, and the response was not encouraging. Finally, in the summer of 2017, Dharma Movement Company was open to exploring possibilities in a very collaborative way (thank you!), and we scheduled one sound bath a month.

At our first sound bath last August, we had 24 sound bathers. In December I played two sound baths filled to capacity, with almost 60 people immersing themselves in the crystalline sound vibrations on New Year’s Eve. That was amazing: People were just lining up to come in. It was on;y two weeks earlier that my inner voice at told me to schedule a sound in the afternoon of Dec 31. I had never done anything like that, and part of me wondered who might want to come at that time. But the inner voice that Knows, was right. With my mind, heart, and will aligned, we went ahead, and it was pure bliss. Just yesterday a man who had attended that afternoon told me how magical it was and that he feels it opened something up for him for 2018, which was exactly the intent with which I had scheduled the event.

More on yoga collaborations: Since last September, we were part of three sold out yoga and sound workshops, collaborating  with Jeff Boyd and Tianne Allan. We all loved it, and looking forward to more.

And today, we have another first: Thanks to the vision of Andrew and Carrie, owners and co-creators of the the ZenDen in Gastown, we are launching a regular weekly Chakra Sound Bath in this beautiful 2 level penthouse studio, overlooking Coal Harbour and the north shore mountains. We have already played two sound baths to a full capacity at the ZenDen.

What else is possible? What else can we co-create? How does it get better than this? Join us, and Make Love Manifest!

ZenDen Gastown

Activating the 8th Chakra

THE 8TH CHAKRA: AWAKENING A NEW HUMANITY! This Friday evening’s Chakra Sound Bath at the ZenDen in Gastown will mark the premier of presenting¬†sonically a new approach to opening and aligning all eight chakras via sound. The method was revealed to me in a meditation today after listening to a recorded workshop by Caroline Myss on her book ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT. Caroline speaks about the 8th chakra, which holds the blueprint for activating the next generation human who can LIVE EFFECTIVELY WITHIN A HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY while functioning simultaneously in the 3rd and 4th dimensional world. This parallels two teachings that I have been following for over a decade: Sri Aurobindo’s writings in THE FUTURE EVOLUTION OF MAN, and Tom Kenyon’s work with the Hathors on activating the Biophotonic Human. Applying sound as a rapid mind/body tool may provide an immediate perspective to the concerns of how we can evolve in the company of AI and automation, and how we co-create “a peaceful planet, without poverty, with pristine nature, and fully hi-tech,” to quote visionary and activist Dr. Stephen Greer.